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Welcome to
Nonu Samoa

Samoa's Original Noni Juice 

Nonu Samoa palms

Welcome to 
Nonu Samoa

Over 25 Years of Producing Noni Products

Since 1995, We were the First company to provide you with the purest and highest quality Organic Noni from Samoa.
Nonu Samoa produces organic undiluted Noni Juice, Noni Puree and Noni Dried Fruit free of preservatives and additives.  Prepared using traditional methods, as much as possible, which protect the active compounds found naturally within the fruit using the finest volcanic sub-tropic nutrient rich, chemical free soils. 

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Everything We Offer

Organic Certified Noni Juice

Organic Certified Noni Puree

Organic Ceritifed Dried Noni Chips

We offer Organic Certified Noni Products that are grown in the wild and grown on farms. We have direct influence and source of our Noni fruit our local farmers as well as our own farms where we all plant our crops according to USDA organic standard guidelines. With these standards set, the farmers of Samoa are producing pristine crops to meet the exact quality expected from today’s consumers.

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